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Specialty Computing encompasses anything that doesn’t fit into any other category. We are confident that no company will go to greater lengths to find you a solution to your problem. If it can be done we can do it. Red Barn was built on a philosophy of meeting a client’s need. As such, over the years we have assisted a number of clients in fulfilling a specific need. Our outside of the box solutions in the past have included:

  • Computer networked Media Walls
  • Performance Workstations for Simulation Companies and Government Facilities

If you find yourself at a loss for a computer solution, please get in touch and our HPC experts will to consult with you on our product solutions to your current project obstacle.

Inside High Performance Media Wall Workstation
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Project – Media Wall for High Technology Teaching Facility

Duke University Media Wall Project Duke University envisioned the creation of a new type of learning environment that would allow the students to learn at a higher dimension with the use of high tech classroom environment that had numerous means of communication with state–of–the–art visual and audio methodologies. The focal point at the entry of the center was a large media wall that would be seen by all at "The Link".

After contacting a number of computer companies to no avail, Duke contacted Red Barn to design a 13 node configuration with four (4) video cards/node to support a 48 screen display. With the grand opening of "The Link" quickly approaching, Red Barn delivered the system ahead of schedule – meeting their critical delivery date and within budget.

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Founded in 1996, Red Barn Computers has become a leader in High Performance Computing and Cluster Applications. Our expertise has given us the unique ability to offer total solutions encompassing all aspects of HPC - including turn-key solutions, storage, design, and administration. Red Barn also offers a wide array of custom Linux or open architecture platforms that are designed and built using high-end, reliable, industry standard components. Our products include Dual, Quad, and 8 CPU Systems, along with high end workstations. Our Clustering products are based on the Warewulf/Perceus platform, and provide numerous solutions for High Performance and High Availability Clusters.