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Multiprocessor Servers

Need Powerful Server Options?

Check out our multi-processor platforms for your research or industry-specific needs. Our servers deliver the best and latest in high performance technologies. Our 2, 4, or 8-way platforms have tremendous memory capacity as well as the latest in multi-core processors offered by Intel or AMD.

These multiprocessor platforms are enabled for research applications in numerous industries.

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  • Support for up to 8 CPUs
  • Tremendous memory capacity - up to 2TB
  • Support for Linux and Windows OS
  • Custom - configured to your specifications
  • Green, 90%+ power efficient power supplies
  • Multi GPU support
  • 6 GB/s SAS controllers
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Technical Specifications

Building Block Options for Your Server
Processors Intel E5 series - 2600, 4600 - 2 or 4-way - up to 8 cores
Intel E7 series - 4 or 8-way - Up to 10 cores
AMD Opteron - 6000 series - 2 or 4-way - up to 16 cores
AMD Opteron - 4000 series - 1 or 2-way - up to 8 cores
Management Integrated IPMI 2.0 Mgmt +
KVM with dedicated LAN
Power Supply Up to 93% High-Effciency Power Supply
Redundancy options available
RAID Controllers Intel, Adaptec or Areca
SAS/SATA/SCSI controllers
Form Factor 1U to 4U Tower or Rackmount
Up to 80 cores in 5U
Memory Requirements /Capacity Supports up to 2TB
Interconnects GbE, 10GbE, or Infiniband
Storage Multiple Hot Swap options
Operating System Linux or Windows
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Founded in 1996, Red Barn Computers has become a leader in High Performance Computing and Cluster Applications. Our expertise has given us the unique ability to offer total solutions encompassing all aspects of HPC - including turn-key solutions, storage, design, and administration. Red Barn also offers a wide array of custom Linux or open architecture platforms that are designed and built using high-end, reliable, industry standard components. Our products include Dual, Quad, and 8 CPU Systems, along with high end workstations. Our Clustering products are based on the Warewulf/Perceus platform, and provide numerous solutions for High Performance and High Availability Clusters.