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Enabling Research since 1996

History: Founded in 1996, Red Barn Technology Group (RBTG) has become a leader in High Performance Computing. Our expertise has given us the unique ability to offer total solutions encompassing all aspects of HPC – including turn-key solutions, storage, design, and administration. Red Barn also offers a wide array of custom Linux, open architecture platforms that are designed and built using well known, high-end, reliable, and industry standard components. Our products include dual, quad, and 8 CPU systems, along with high performance workstations. Our clustering products are based on Intel, Supermicro, Tyan or Asus platforms, and we provide numerous custom solutions for High Performance and High Availability Clusters.

RBTG has an unending commitment to quality, both with regard to service and products. We are detail oriented and customer centric. We have the capacity for large volume, but also have the personal touch to ensure delivery of an end product that is right for our customer. Our passion lies with our high performance
research computing backed by over 15 years of experience. We are enthusiastic and competent and look forward to meeting your needs with tenacity and professionalism. Red Barn has earned the distinction of Intel Platinum Technology Provider and Tesla Preferred Partner.

Philosophy: The philosophy of RBTG is purist in nature. We believe in open source applications and industry standard hardware. Our contention is that using industry standard non-proprietary hardware yields at least two main benefits; cost savings and increased performance. By using high quality name brand components we are able to provide products that are both stable and scalable. The cost savings can simply be either “saved” or when working within a specic set of funds, additional performance can be added within budget. The overall result is a reliable cluster with the lowest possible cost of ownership. This simple philosophy has propelled our growth within the HPC industry for over 15 years.

We Build the Servers Behind the Science